A sustainable solution for the Caribbean starts here

Since September 2019, Slim Opgewekt Caribbean is officially based in Curaçao. Slim Opgewekt can provide guidance to schools, health care organizations and sport facilities in becoming more sustainable. We provide solar panels, LED-lighting as well as an awareness program.

Our ambition

Creating more sustainable energy, stimulating awareness about the importance of sustainability and reducing the costs of electricity is our ambition. By doing this, social organizations can use the money they save for their core business.

We believe that becoming more sustainable is possible within your current budget. Therefore, we developed a financial model that makes it possible to become more sustainable, without the need to find extra budget as a social organization. Slim Opgewekt aims to create a financial reduction from year one, compared to your yearly electricity costs.

What we do?

Providing solar panels, LED-lighting and an awareness program for social organizations. This leads to a CO2-reduction and an increased awareness amongst students, teachers and care takers.

We support social organizations in the transition in becoming more sustainable. Advisement, project management, financing, realization, technique, creating awareness, maintenance and insurance: we can make this happen for you. Slim Opgewekt focuses on three sectors: Schools, Health Care Organizations and Sport Facilities.

Cooperation Slim Opgewekt Caribbean & the Netherlands

Slim Opgewekt Caribbean is part of Slim Opgewekt in the Netherlands. Since 2012, we support social organizations in the Netherlands with our sustainable ambitions.

Slim Opgewekt has already guided 92 schools in the Netherlands to become more sustainable. By doing this, we reached 40.000 students with our awareness programs and reduced 4.296.000 kWh generated by fossil fuels. In comparison: you would have to plant 120.820 trees to compensate this amount of CO2.

Besides schools, Slim Opgewekt also supports Health Care Organizations and Sport Facilities in the Netherlands.

‘We believe that we can create a better world by realizing sustainability in practice. We examine why it does not happen on this moment and take away the obstacles to become more sustainable.’

Profielfoto Leonn Sekender Directeur Slim Opgewekt
Leonn Sekender
One of the founders of Slim Opgewekt

‘A sustainable solution should not request a financial investment of social organizations. Our financial solutions, therefore, make it possible to become more sustainable within your regular costs.’

Rob Wieggers
One of the founders of Slim Opgewekt

What we do

Realizing Futureproof Education

We help schools to become more sustainable. Our approach consists of a clear financial plan, creating awareness amongst teachers and students, realizing solar energy, LED lighting and a reduction of electricity usage.

Every school is unique. First of all, we examine the best way to save as much as energy as possible. After that, we make the transition towards sustainable energy. Employees and students are actively involved with this change. We organize educational activities to learn about sustainability and the impact of your school.

Realizing Sustainability within the Health Care sector

Saving costs in the health care sector, is also possible by saving on energy costs. Slim Opgewekt makes this possible by using solar panels and LED lighting. This leads to a more sustainable solution for your organization, and in a bigger picture, for earth.

Before we start, we examine the possibilities and calculate the financial advantages for your organization. During the whole process of becoming more sustainable, you will have one point of contact. Slim Opgewekt will provide guidance throughout the whole process, from advisement in the beginning of the process, to service and maintenance when the sustainable solutions are installed.

Realizing Futureproof Sport Facilities

Slim Opgewekt supports sport facilities to become more sustainable with a clear financial plan, creating enthusiasm and awareness amongst members, and realizing solar energy and more sustainable lighting. We will take care of this change for you. Together, we can realize more sustainable sport facilities without the need to find extra budget yourself.

Becoming more sustainable as a sport facility, also reduces the electricity costs. Therefore, more money is available for your primary focus: sports. We provide full guidance in this transition phase. The first step is to examine the possibilities: what are the benefits for the sport organization becoming more sustainable? We coordinate the whole transition. We will make sure you will have one point of contact. In other words: familiar faces and direct communication. We see our clients as partners to create more futureproof organizations.

‘We moved back to Curaçao in January 2017. A country full of sun, wind and water. Full of sustainable possibilities. A lot of possibilities that are not yet used enough in practice in the Caribbean. Therefore, we aim to support social organizations to make the change towards sustainability!’

Lise Anna Janson – Lasten
Initiator of Slim Opgewekt Caribbean
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